How To Get Someones IP Address
Right now, i’m going to go over a sneaky method of which helps you obtain someones
ip address. this is a VERY easy way, anyone with basic computer knowledge
would be able to do this.

* You have to keep in mind that there is also a possibility the person is using a proxy or Vpn, so there is a possibility you obtained that particulare ip address instead of their actual ip. Unless you’re quite sure the person is an entire noob and doesn’t use proxies.

What you’re gonna first do is, use a disposable email. using your real email will be definitely a bad choice, as you’re leaking your own personal info trying to get another persons. bad move. A disposable email is provided in the links below

Next go to WhatIsTheirIp (1st Link), enter your disposable email address, then click “Get Link” . this will get you 2 links, the first 2 links you can use to sneakily get someones ip.
Just give the victim your link of choice, obviously you’ve gotta convince him/her that is also something they want to click. once they click, they receive an error, and bam! ip together with geo located details is sent directly to your disposable email.

If you also want, you can use the third link. use this only if you’re pranking a friend or really want the victim to know you’ve obtained their ip, because this tells them that their ip has been leaked.



2) Disposable Email:

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