Hello! I`ve fighting with “freeze” in years,and now with my SCF files I`ve noticed,that when the “freez” appears,Dataserver has gone to “Standby Mode”. I`ve NOT solved how to make it back in Active mode automaticly (I`ve 25+ online now,and sometimes it returns to Active mode,but when you have lower,well,then no.) but I`ve a solution how to fix it.

So if it freezes becouse of Dataserver,you should do the following.

1. Most of the servers are useing “Mu Server Start Up” by SkyTeam. And there automaticly is Dataserver 1 and 2,sometimes 3.
As Dataserver 1 is resposible for Gameserver (Not _CS) it should be now removed from MuServerStarUp. Do that. 🙂

2. Create a file named whatever… (I have restart) and make it .bat extension. – so it`s restart.bat AND PUT IT IN DATASERVER FOLDER!

3. Right click and select “Edit”

4. Now add this:

taskkill /F /IM DataServer.exe
start C:\MuOnline\DataServer\DataServer.exe

The “C:\MuOnline\DataServer\DataServer.exe” can be different for you! Like D:\MuServer\DataServer\Dataserver.exe or something like that. Just create a path to Dataserver.exe!

Now launch the “restart.bat” and if your dataserver is running,it should turn off and start again automaticly!

It`s the question now – How to make it run automaticly after some time,so you won`t have to do it manualy? (This is for Windows XP,try to find the same thing in Windows 7 e.t.c)

1. Start – Programms – Accesories – System tools – Scheduled Tasks
2. Add scheduled task
3. Under “Run” find the “restart.bat” file and select it!
4. In “Start In” write: C:\MuOnline\DataServer (as in my case)
5. Go to Schedule and select advanced.
6. Mark “Start Date” as today some time…
7. Check “Repeat Task” and select the hours or minutes as you want. I have every 30 minutes.
8. Check “Duration” and make it 999999 hours.
9. Press Ok. Then make it “Daily” and Schedule task every 1 day.
10. Go back to “Task” and check “Enabled”
11. Press ok and now the dataserver should restart every 30 minutes (in my server),or your specified time.

Some may say,that it could cause item loss… Well,my server is running for 1 month,and there hasn`t been any reports about that.

Sorry for my bad English,I hope you understand! Have a nice day!