No more people know the famous clumsy boy as Nobita who also prossess natural talent make many people must to envy

  1. Ability to slove problem of math : very strange

Nobita is famous about learning math very bad and often “ get goose eggs “ so became laughingstock of class because doing wrong simple math. But strange that sometimes he can ‘self-reliant’ solve all forms of difficult math compared to the level of a third grader.


2. Ability to play chess best

A person is  described as clumsy, less intelligent as Nobita is able to play chess very well – a subject really need more logic, thinking and agility. Even, the possibility of Nobita also go beyond Suneo beside the loud cheers of his girlfriend


3. Play true artisan wire

In a time, playing wire is became the most popular sport in the world, Nobita was really shines by talent ingenuity of himself. He can create Tokyo tower image just with 2.17s, the bridge is 3,75s. Even the speed and creation of Nobita also goes beyond the game player in the world 


4. Sharpshooter 

Not olny get the level not missedd the shoot pencil in free time or fight like a real cowboy but Nobita also was dubbed “ cosmic gunmen”  when defeated top killer in the Purple Planet 


5. Genius asleep

If ordinary people  must to take  average of 10 – 15 minutes to sleep but Nobita just need 0.93s was able to snoring. This proved the boy’s brain not only really unlike ordinary people but also have  processing speed very quickly


Have a happy day !